How To Make Teens Still Enjoy Time At Home

Teenagers can become distant to their family as soon as they found out how to have fun with their friends. They start to be more independent as soon as they become affiliated with people having the same interests and mindsets as they have. This might be worrisome for parents who want their teens to spend time with the family immediately after school.


Despite these possibilities, parents can become proactive by preventing their teens to become distant. For families with this existing problem, it is still worth a try and it will never be too late.

Create a Trendy Bonding Time

It might be difficult for parents to keep up with the times, but being up-to-date might bring you closer to your teen. It is now easier to know what keeps their generation busy because of the massive information readily available on the internet.

You may want to learn how to play their favorite PlayStation game so they would feel that you are reaching out to them. You may also try to watch their favorite NBA team with them and try to relate the ongoing trends with their idols.

Reward Their Act of Kindness

Being up to date is not the only means to get their attention and care. For parents who might have teenagers doing household chores, or doing their homework on time, you can simply reward them with their favorite shirt or movie tickets. They will see also notice their positive deeds and not just their mistakes and shortcomings.


Have One-on-One Moments

This method will eventually lead them to open up to you. Take the opportunity to become their confidant. Involve yourself with their personal issues until they become more comfortable doing so. If the problem is in the home itself, try being reactive and open minded.

Let Them Bring Friends

Furthermore, you might want to involve their friends with your family life. By inviting his or her circle to your home, you will not only get a chance to know the type of people he or she is being involved with. You will also have a chance to make them feel that whoever your children have become, they will always be welcomed by their parents. It will also be a healthy exercise for your children to open up to other people beyond the walls of their home.


Of course, it will never be a one-size-fits-all guide for all families out there. The cure for making your teenagers enjoy their time at home still depends on the circumstances surrounding him or her. Make sure to keep an open mind and be less punitive. Share positive vibes around your house to motivate your teens to spend more time with the family.


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