How Not To Miss Your Curfew After Your First Date

Being a teenager opens a new array of things that you can now do without the supervision of your parents 24/7. This array includes going out on friendly dates. Some of you might still be too young to go on friendly dates and that’s okay. Don’t rebel against your parents for that reason because they are just protecting you.

If your parents are not that strict and you are old enough to go on friendly dates, make sure abide by the rules that your parents gave you. Don’t take advantage of them. Most likely, if you do, there won’t be any following dates. Having a curfew might be one of the rules that your parents would give you. It is reasonable to have that since you are still a teen. However, it might be hard for you to be mindful about the curfew since you are definitely excited for your first time. Nevertheless, you have to be a responsible teen.


Here are some few tips on how you can be mindful about your curfew:

Put on some reminders.

Make sure to bring your smartphone with you so you can set an alarm at most every hour to remind you of your incoming curfew. Also, tell your date that you have a curfew so they would understand why you need to be mindful of the time. Don’t be shy to tell that. Both of you are still teens so it’s normal to still have curfews.


Get a ride from your parent.

This is probably not a very appealing tip. But, it is better that your parent would meet your date so they would know if they will be comfortable with you going out with that person. If your mother or father is not that busy to give you a ride, especially if they offer you a ride, make sure to accept it. This can work in your favor that if they get stuck in heavy traffic to fetch you, then your curfew will be extended.


Talk about the time beforehand.

Before you even go on the actual friendly date, make sure to talk to your date about the whole duration of the date. If you are just going to watch a movie, then determine how long would be the running time plus the transportation time. In that way, you can give an estimated time to your parents on how long you will be out. Also, they can adjust your curfew if they seem fit.

Get excited about your first friendly date. Still, be mindful of your curfew so you’ll have following dates.

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