Fun Things To Do With Your Teen (Along With Your Spouse Which Will Improve Your Bond) Part 2


In my earlier blog post, I suggested activities and ways to have fun with your child and spouse. As a parent myself, I always want to feel that my teen and I are in the same boat. My husband and I have always been involved with our kids and being a close-knit family makes me complete. Experiencing beautiful things with them and knowing that they’re happy brings me great joy. I hope it is the same for you.

Picking up where I left off, here are other fun things to do with your teenager:


“On Location” Photo Shoot

Go somewhere unusual, but exciting for your teenager. Arm yourself with a camera, and snap photos of your family. It will not only capture memories, but it will also expose all of you to a new experience.


Play Games


Know what games your teenager would like to play. Allot some time in learning it and eventually challenge your kid. For sure, you and your teenager will have fun playing the game. It can open your eyes to what your teen likes and how they keep themselves occupied. (I practice ROS with my husband so that we can beat our daughter’s lowest score. Oh yes, we’re pathetic! LOL)



Doing something physical can ease off the stress and tension. It is not only valid for adults but teenagers as well. You can go for some bowling time as a family. Cheer for your child when he pulls a strike. Laugh and have fun. Bonding times like these will remain with your child for a long time.




Workshops cover a wide range of activities, from painting, acting, to pottery, dancing, singing, writing, and more. Experiences like these can have a positive effect on your child, especially if they are into creating things and the arts. It can influence your child to appreciate the effort put into honing one’s skills and the artistic beauty of life. I’m not saying that you join your kid in a workshop. Pay for it, though, and ask your teen every day how it all went.


Have Lazy Days

If your teen isn’t the outgoing type, then it may be better to relax at home than to make him anxious about going out or meeting with new people. Buy a pizza or have take-out delivered to your house, maybe even try to prepare food for him, if he likes to cook. Sometimes your child feels the need to have some downtime. Turn on some music, put on their favorite show, or just lounge around in the living room. It doesn’t seem like it, but your teen needs and enjoys the company.


Let Him Decide

Despite all the suggestions above, in the end, the primary concern is the happiness of your teen. So to make sure that he will have a blast with you, better ask him what he likes to do. Assess if what he suggested is within your budget and availability. If it is within your means, then go for it.


Bridging gaps between parents and children is essential, especially with teenagers who can be very eccentric at times. Doing so will help you have a more open relationship with your teenager. These activities, when planned and performed with your spouse, can also enhance your bond. Do it together so that your teen will feel loved by the both of you.


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