Fun Things To Do With Your Teen (Along With Your Spouse Which Will Improve Your Bond) Part 1

Resilient, unpredictable, and adventurous – these are just some of the many adjectives that can be associated with teenagers. When you are a teenager, you are at a stage of life where you just can’t stay put – always eager to explore the world. It is one of the reasons why teens are rebelling against curfew and for that, things must change at home.


Although often misunderstood and reprimanded, parents reach out and try to see eye-to-eye with their teens. They don’t want to tie a leash on them. In fact, as parents, you want to understand them further. One of the means to reach out to your teen is to do fun things with them.


The following activities are some of the ways to interact with your son or daughter, together with your spouse which can also improve your married life:


Get Active


Get on your feet and match your teenager’s energy. Play the sports he or she likes, or try an outdoor activity. If you have a dog, it would be great to go on doggy walks with your teen and consider it as a family bonding time.


Movie Marathon

Go on a movie marathon with your teen. They’ll love it! Let your teen choose the movies and, as a parent, should be open minded with your teen’s choices. A movie marathoncan open up chances for conversation, not just with your kid, but also with your spouse.


Hike, Camp, Or Rock Climb


Teenagers love excitement, and nothing beats hiking, camping, and rock climbing when it comes to getting some adrenaline rush. It is a great way to push past your boundaries and even face a few fears or challenges. Furthermore, you get to have quality time with your child and spouse as you enjoy the moment.


Go To An Amusement Park

Going for rides or just hanging out in an amusement park is another way to allow you to bond with your child. Amusements parks often have a positive and almost euphoric atmosphere. It can add a little bit of spice, and it can be a good change for you, your teen, and your spouse’s daily routine.  An amusement park opens the door tounforgettable memories. Your teenager will definitely enjoy it.


Community Service

Doing some community work together is an excellent way to shape your kid’s character. It will open not only his mind but also his heart on things that require unselfish acts and compassion.


Take A Road Trip


Visiting places is always fun. Hop into your car and drive to places where your teenager would like to see. Take lots of pictures and put on good music. During the ride, you and your spouse, together with your teenager, can havelong and meaningful conversations. You can sit down and plan it with your teen and spouse. Get them involved in the planning process. It can create a significant impact on your teen’s behavior and boost their decision-making skills and assertiveness.


I refrain from writing long posts, but I still really enjoy putting blogs like these together. Being a parent always pushes me to find ways to be involved in my teen’s life. I also want to foster and nourish my love spark which brings me to my spouse. Including him in my plans is a given and with this, he is a part of it. Anyway, for now, the activities I’ve written above are just some of the ways you, your spouse and your teen can bond together. However, I still plan to create another segment or a continuation of this post. So, watch out for that!

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