Effects Of Teenage Rebellion (Parents Must Help Out To Minimize The Problems)

Every teenager goes through rebellion stage and overcomes it eventually. The intensity of rebellion will depend on the environment the teenager is exposed to, the factors that have triggered it and the involvement of the parents through the process. In this light, parents must never show their marital problems to their child. If ever you have issues, it must be discussed behind closed doors.

However, some kids rebel more than just the typical kind. This kind of rebellion is characterized by long-term terrible behavior and brings harm not only to others but also to oneself. Because of this, you need to understand the effects of rebellion to teenagers.



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Because of rebellion, teenagers tend to cuts classes, will not participate in school activities and throws in attitude with teachers. Some would even drop out of school for good. Kids at school may think that these doings may be “cool,” but the consequences are not beneficial to the child at all. It will significantly affect his future and even slim the chances of getting a good life. Once you receive a notice that your teenager is acting out at school, it is best that you act on it at once before things get out of hand.


Dating And Relationships

Dating and getting into relationships is pretty normal amongst teenagers. But it becomes alarming when he still goes out with a person whom the parents particularly disapprove. Also, because of rebellion, teenagers would break rules his parents have imposed regarding dating like having unsafe sex, the use of illegal drugs and allowing himself get abused. The effect may be teen pregnancy, acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or having a domestic violence record. Whenever the teenager gets into these kinds of effects, his chances of going to college and getting into a good relationship would be limited.


Substance Abuse

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Getting into drug and alcohol addiction is a common outcome of teen rebellion. To show off their independence, teenagers cross the boundaries and get themselves into a situation that is beyond their control. Once this kind of case is ignored or taken for granted, the effects can be long term. Because of substance abuse, school performance will drop, relationships will be strained, health problems will arise, and credibility in the community will be broken.



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Another way of showing rebellion is getting things that are not theirs. Stealing from others and malls are pretty common. There’s this brand of being “cool” if you do this kind of things amongst teenagers. However, once caught by the owner or the authorities, the effect of such action can stain the teenager for life. If the complainant presses charges, he will have a lifetime record with the police which is a massive stain on his credibility. This will keep him from getting a decent job or even just getting other people’s trust. Thus, if you sense this kind of rebellion stunt in your teenager, it is suggested that you sit down with him and have a long talk.


The effects of rebellion may be short term or long term. Since rebellion can be inevitable amongst teenagers especially these days, it is best that you keep close contact with your child. Despite his resistance, still, be there to guide him all throughout.


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