Activities For Rebellious Teens: How Parents Can Help


Though it is a fact that rebellion is quite typical in teens, still, it shouldn’t be tolerated nor taken for granted by parents. Rebellion usually takes place when your teenager transitions into the young adult phase. Such phenomenon can cause, most of the time, conflict and chaos within the household. However, instead of going head-to-head with your teenager, it is best that you find ways to connect with him and help him out through the transition.


Below are some activities that help your teen surpass the rebellion stage.


Independent Activities

Independent activities are deeds that involve freedom or away from any parental supervision. Examples of these activities are going to a summer camp, joining extracurricular groups and the like. These activities will teach your teens how to associate with others, control his emotions and most of all move freely. In addition to that, such activities will be helpful in establishing his independence by making his own decision and allowing him to experience the consequences of his actions.


Creative Expression


Encourage your teen to discover or enhance his hidden talents. This will be of help in developing good self-esteem and the ability to cope up with stress and challenges. Other than that, these activities usually become an outlet for their frustrations and anger keeping them away from harming others.



Encourage your teen to get involved in activities that have to do with giving back to the community. They may oppose this idea at first, but once they finally grasped the core of the activity, they will eventually get onboard. They can do volunteering tasks at some agencies or organizations that focus on helping other people in the community. Volunteering will teach your teens to become generous, compassionate and considerate to other people.




Ask your teen to help you in the kitchen. Such activity will allow your teen to bond with you and create something that the whole family will dig into. This will give him that sense of accomplishment and a secured place in the family.  Other than that, make sure that the whole family gets to eat even one meal in a day together. This will be the time wherein you can get to catch up with each other and talk.


Drug Education

Teen rebellion gets even far worse when addiction gets into the picture. Addiction with alcohol, drugs and so many can take total control of your teenager, turning him into a hopeless case. But this can be avoided through open talk about these vices, exposing him to groups that tackle on helping people get over addiction and even allowing him to visit rehabilitation centers. Awareness will be established, and this will help him make the right decision once he encountered these harmful elements.


Teenagers should not be suppressed and isolated from the world just to protect his well-being. Instead, allow him to explore and experience things. However, as a parent, you should always be there to guide them. Remember that this is a very complicated stage for them. They need to understand things which will make them tough enough to survive the challenges that may come along their way.


If you and your spouse are not on good terms, don’t let it affect your parenting ways. This is about your child, and so differences between you and your spouse must be set aside. Discuss your problems away from your child.

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