5 Tips To Raise An Independent Teen To Become A Responsible Adult

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As parents, we all dream of raising the perfect teenagers — talented, confident, but responsible. But in reality, most teens will make mistakes once in a while. The teenage years can be especially stressful for any parent because of the hormones and other growing pains your child will experience at this time.


As difficult as it is to face this fact, your child is still growing, learning, and maturing. During this stage, they will need as much of your guidance as they can get. That being said, here are some of our tips for raising teens to be ready for adulthood.


Let Your Teen Show You How Much Freedom He Can Handle

We have to face the fact that our kids will need more and more freedom as they get older. But before we let them goslowly, make sure that they know how to handle themselves and any situation they may encounter. Ask them hypothetical questions about scenarios they might get themselves in, and see how they respond. When you set boundaries such as curfews, make sure they follow them — and let them suffer the consequences when they don’t.


Create A Schedule With Your Teen

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In the digital age, it seems pointless to come up with a weekly schedule, but the ability to set one and stick to it as much as possible is a great way to teach structure and responsibility. Discuss openly with them what their schedule will be for the week, but allow some flexibility.


Encourage Your Teen To Help Out

Contributing to the household tasks not only teaches valuable skills, but it also makes your child feel more involved. You can even extend this to helping out in the community such as volunteering at animal welfare groups or charity organizations. Teaching them that there is a world outside themselves that they can actively change will make them more responsible.


Teach Life Skills

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Speaking of chores, make sure your child knows how to do basic duties such as doing the laundry and basic cooking. As much as we would like to keep them in our homes forever, we need to equip them with practical skills to help them survive wherever they go. Start by letting them help you with household tasks, then slowly give them more chores to do as you go along.


Be Clear About Consequences

The fact is that no matter how hard we try to keep them in the straight and narrow, they will make mistakes. The important thing is that they learn from them every time. While it may be tempting to rescue them every time they are in trouble, now is the time to let them face the consequences on their own.


Watching our children transition into adulthood can be a bittersweet experience, especially if we are so used to seeing them as babies who always need our assistance. We must remember that just like any other stage of parenthood, going through our child’s teenage years can be a rewarding time. While it can be a challenge, what you do during this time can set the foundation for happy and productive adulthood that your child will always eventually appreciate.

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